The NWP draws attention to the planet's water system, specifically to the phenomena; that land without water that is exposed to the sun will accumulate heat. The focus is on soil regeneration and water recovery by the use of the small water cycle. 
There is need for immediate action to restore small water cycles. As WATER is the THERMOREGULATOR of the planet - the mechanism that directly affects the planet's soil temperature, which underpins food production whilst a contributing planet warmer. 

The Thermoregulator of the Planet

With a cool moist cloth, 
A mother cools her baby's fever 
So too we must apply the same to the planet. 



TRUEsustainable-black-planetFormer U.S. Vice President Al Gore's climate scientists tell us CO2 is driving Climate Change. We are burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, and this is increasing CO2 levels in the greenhouse leading to extreme weather changes caused by heat - therefore Climate Change is man-made.

I often hear CO2 referred to as pollution, of course it is not, but there is a false logic shifting perception to refer to it as pollution eg. "CO2 is driving global warming - there's too much pollution!!"

The soot and carbon particles are pollution. CO2 is not pollution, not at all, it's plant fertilizer, as essential to life as water and air and demonizing CO2 is totally misleading. CO2 is part of the Carbon Cycle and it should be well understood the world is a carbon factory - that we are playing "in" the Carbon Cycle.

I attended a short talk by an Al Gore Climate Project Presenter, but with no mention of a Carbon Cycle throughout the lecture, I asked if the training included anything on the Carbon Cycle. What was the Carbon Cycle? was his response. Lecturing about carbon that is lacking in basic Carbon Cycle knowledge is presenting a near impossible balanced viewpoint.

Of course, digging up millions of years of coal, burning it and throwing it into the air - in as little as 150 years - does paint a convincing "logical" story that CO2 is a significant driver of change, but since we are carbon living on a carbon planet, the Climate Change story must include the Carbon Cycle, which must include the Water Cycle since they are inextricably linked... and there's the rub. Water, the  Thermoregulator of the planet is missing in the climate change conversation, except to say there is never enough.


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