TRUEsustainable-black-planet The New Water Paradigm presents another way to look at how man is affecting climate change, but as preoccupied as we are with CO2, the Water Paradigm is off the radar. If ever realised, it could be escalated to a climate change imperative.

As you know, evaporation provides a cooling effect. You can easily experience cooling by applying a damp cloth to your face on a hot day. The evaporation of the water on your face takes some of your heat energy at the same time and dissipates it into the air, and you are a bit cooler. Many systems use water to cool, like air-conditioners and car radiators.

When land is without water, there is no water to evaporate and cool. Without lands' natural air-conditioning, the sun's heat accumulates and warms the land. Instead of dissipating heat through evaporation, accumulating heat dries the land further... and a feedback cycle of land degradation can slip into desertification. Of course the solution is water - but the rainfall is attracted by cooler pastures - and the small water cycle has moved on.


Without the awareness of the New Water Paradigm; without knowing about nature's natural energy flow, it goes unseen. In a liquid cooled computer, water is distributed via tubes in and around the computer - so too the planet is the same - an internet-like connectivity of water flows around the planet, throughout the land and the sky and the oceans. We are emmersed in water.

It will come at no surprise then, to hear that water is the Thermoregulator of the Planet. When water is removed from the circuit - or a river is re-directed - heat moves in - and soil, being a good insulator will accumulate heat. Heat Accumulation is recognized by farmers, an indicator of the best temperature to plant seeds. To take it to the extreme, as a side effect the real damage is to the land itself culminating as desertification. This is not a future Climate Change problem, it is now, but we have yet to connect the dots from CO2-to-water.

Oblivious, we continue to place all our eggs into one CO2 basket. Compounding matters, rain water is essentially directed out to sea - rather than used to wet the soil to promote the small water cycle, to restore the life activity that water flowing brings. Carbon, light and water is the solar microbial mechanism enabling conversion from desert to oasis. Growing is the need to understand the Small Water Cycle. 


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